8 In-demand Cars with Heated & Cooled Cup Holders

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While heated & cooled seats have become something we’ve come to expect in luxury cars, heated & cooled cup holders have now become an option at the factory for select car brands.

While you won’t be surprised to find them in a Mercedes-Benz S Class, they can now even be found in cars such as a Nissan X Trail.

Here are 8 cars that I have come across (which you can also buy today) that have heated or cooled cup holders.

Nissan X Trail

The Nissan X Trail is the world’s most popular crossover SUV and with good reason. Also called the Rogue in the United States, I personally find the Rogue to be the perfect size for a family SUV.

Well priced, economic on fuel but also punchy when needed (thanks to the 1.5L turbo motor) – adding front heated & cooled cup holders to the mix adds value that is hard to ignore.

In fact, after trawling the market, it’s very difficult to find any manufacturer offering heated or cooled cup holders at this price point. I loved how the rear doors would open a full 90 degrees as well, very practical which would sum up my overall impression of this vehicle.

Cadillac Escalade

There’s no mistaking an Escalade as it rolls down the streets, armored escort or celebrity might be the first reaction when you see one.

Cadillac have been raising the bar in luxury vehicles for several years now, this is evident as you step inside and appreciate the ambiance from the hand stitched leather & ambient lighting. This sort of quality was only associated with European vehicles until a few years ago.

My favorite feature of the Escalade has to be the ‘Console Regeriator’, fit up to 6 drinks with temperature management from 41-23 degrees Fahrenheit.

I absolutely loved this feature when I had to take a large group out to the beach. While many cars have had fridges in the rear armrest compartment, this is certainly the first implementation I’ve seen in the front center console area.

Chrysler 300C

It’s always a treat to step into an iconic 300C, especially one that is equipped with a mighty HEMI V8. Nothing quite like the sound of 8 hefty cylinders to wake your neighbors up.

Heated & cooled cupholders were equipped as standard on the 300C, however, this could be spec’d on the standard 300 as well. If shopping for a used model, this feature has been available since 2011. The Chrysler 300 range has typically held their value on the used car market which is an added bonus if one is buying new.

Hyundai Palisade

A versatile & affordable luxury 7 or 8 seater vehicle offering from the Korean manufacturer known for the long life of their cars. When I took the car out for a camping trip, the AWD system didn’t let me down and the kids loved the creature comforts such as the power folding rear seats.

For those looking for every luxury convenience feature & a leather lined cabin, it’s hard to argue with the value of the Palisade with prices starting sub $40,000.

A special order is required in order to equip the vehicle with front heated/cooled cup holders. These cup holders sit alongside the wireless charging port for your phone. Do you even need an office anymore?

Mercedes-Benz S Class

When one buys an S-Class, they expect to have the best of the best. Whether it’s a large V8 engine, a Bang & Olufsen sound system or even massaging seats.

However, heated & cooled cup holders have managed to evade this range-topper from Mercedes until 2014 when it was introduced in the W222 model.

You’ll need to get a model that has the ‘Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS’ specified. This will include not only the heated & cooled cup holders but also dual power rear seats & even rear folding tables to truly arrive in style.

The heated/cooled cup holders are activated with a push of a single button. The rear cup holders will glow blue to indicate cooled, and glow red to indicate that cups are being heated. A party trick that will be sure to impress.

Having owned both a BMW & a Mercedes-Benz, a BMW has always been about driving dynamics while Mercedes has always kept a slight edge in the technology department.

That has begun to change in recent years and heated & cooled cupholders have been able to be spec’d in the X5,X6 & X7 since the 2021 model year.

The ability to choose from an all electric model + the ability to add a 3rd row of seats, put the X5 at the top of my shopping list for a driver focussed family SUV. If you’re seeking extra thrills, then the X5 M comes with a mammoth 600hp of power courtesy of a turbocharged 4.4L V8 – oh and they also have the heated & cooled cupholders as standard!

Tesla Model S

Electrification is taking over the car industry right now, as the range of EVs becomes more practical, more people are starting to make the switch to an EV. However, the Model S is no entry-level model and has been offering features such as the heated/cooled cup holder since 2014.

Teslas are constantly receiving software updates that allow new features to be rolled out over time, there’s nothing as exciting as reading the changelog of the latest Tesla software update whether you own a Model 3 or an S. The heated & cooled cup holder feature was rolled out in a software update for cars with the ‘subzero’ package.

Having once been hesitant to adopt EV as the new norm, once you’ve been for a ride in a Tesla and experienced that instant feeling of torque, you’ll gain a new appreciation of our green future.

The new Model S Plaid can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds, making it one of the quickest production vehicles ever made.

Renault Koleos

While not available in the United States, having driven several new Renault models, they definitely deserve a mention.

When stepping into the all new Koleos, the distinctive design immediately grabs your attention. Quirky, luxurious & refined spring to mind as one takes in the interior. Of course I had to take the Koleos off road and it performed admirably with its 4 x 4 system.

It was a warm day and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Koleos came equipped with a cooled cup holder under the arm rest. Hopefully these vehicles find their way to the United States as they offer similar quality to their German rivals while offering a different perspective on design.

What About Fitting Heated / Cooled Cup Holders to Your Own Vehicle?

Once you’ve had the opportunity to keep your coffee warm on a cold winter’s day, all from the comfort of your vehicle, it’s difficult to imagine going back to your everyday car with regular old cupholders. A rare feature even for a luxury vehicle, luckily there are many aftermarket solutions available.

I’ve used this heated cup holder to some success in a Toyota Camry. Whilst it’s not quite the same as having my champagne cooled in a Mercedes-Benz S Class, it will certainly suffice until you next choose to upgrade.

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