Can Oil Stop Leak Damage My Engine? – Here’s the Answer!

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An oil puddle under your vehicle is never a welcome sight! Not only does it make a mess, but that puddle is usually a sign that something in the engine is not working properly. You may be tempted to grab an oil stop leak to treat the problem as soon as possible. But will an oil additive like oil stop leak hurt the engine? Keep reading to find out!

Modern oil stop leak formulas work by absorbing into the gaskets in the engine. They expand worn or damaged areas of the gaskets in order to stop leaks. They are best for small leaks that are not linked to any major problems with the engine. For the best results, pick a reputable brand of oil stop leak and carefully follow all the instructions on the package. Follow up with a mechanic to make any necessary repairs to the vehicle.

How Does Oil Stop Leak Work?

The newer formulas of oil stop leak additives absorb into the seals in the engine. They rehydrate and expand the worn, dry, or damaged gaskets in order to stop the leaks.

Will Oil Stop Leak Damage the Engine?

The original formula for oil stop leak included elements such as shell fragments and nutshells to block leaks. Obviously, you don’t want anything like that floating around in your engine! Thankfully, the formula of oil stop leak has come a long way.

If you choose a reputable brand of oil stop leak and use it as a short-term solution, it should not damage your engine. Note that oil stop leak is not a solution for diesel engines.

There is usually a reason the engine is leaking oil, such as a faulty gasket or damaged seal. That problem will only get worse without proper repair. The oil leak could be a symptom of a bigger problem as well. That’s why it is best to get the vehicle checked out by a mechanic.

In short, while an oil stop leak most likely will not cause engine damage, the cause of the leak may be damaging to the engine in the long run.

Why Use an Oil Stop Leak?

Nobody wants to deal with an unsightly oil stain in the garage or on the driveway! An oil stop leak may be a good way to put a temporary stop to the leak until the vehicle can be seen by a mechanic. Not only are oil spills difficult to clean, but they are also harmful to the environment.

A gradual oil leak isn’t good for your vehicle, either. Your car needs that oil to run properly! The oil helps keep the engine lubricated and cool. Oil in the driveway isn’t doing your car any good.

Which Brand of Oil Stop Leak Is the Best?

If you decide to use an oil stop leak to block your oil leak until your car can be seen by a mechanic, make sure to use a reputable brand. Check your vehicle manual before adding any oil additives. Brands such as Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Repair and Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak are considered to be the most trustworthy options.

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